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Film Producer, Amy Greenspun, Buys $14.1 Million Brentwood Park Mansion Designed by Yours Truly

Talented Hollywood film producer and Las Vegas Suns Heiress, Amy Greenspun Arenson, splurges on this extravagant multimillion dollar home in Brentwood. This property is truly a sight for sore eyes as it expands well over 9,000 square feet debuting a much rather East Coast traditional style house. The landscaping at this property is designed to evoke the feel of the Tuscan region in Italy while also maintaining a natural homey vibe.

Not only is the exterior of this massive mansion marvelous, but so is the open-floor plan interior that allows the living areas to flow seamlessly together. The Brentwood home evokes a contemporary touch use of large steelcase doors to bring in natural light is a design feature that can help to create a bright, welcoming atmosphere in the living areas. The white oak hardwood floors and painted ceiling beams add a contemporary touch to the space, and may contribute to the overall modern feel of the property. The combination of natural light, hardwood floors, and painted ceiling beams may create a cohesive, stylish look in the living areas of the property.

Check out more about this property here:

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