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Check out our Curson Ave. Home Featured in the Newest Hit Netflix Series, "Buying Beverly Hills"

The latest Netflix hit, "Buying Beverly Hills," follows the agents at The Agency, a real estate firm in Los Angeles, as they sell luxurious properties in the area. The show features a variety of high-end homes in locations such as Malibu and Los Feliz, and viewers may be interested in revisiting these properties or learning more about them. It is common for reality shows of this nature to showcase impressive and desirable homes, as they can be a major draw for viewers. Whether you are looking to buy a home or simply enjoy looking at beautiful properties, "Buying Beverly Hills" may be an interesting and enjoyable show to watch.

Our beautiful Curson Ave. home was featured in the show as the daughter's CEO of The Agency, Farrah Britt, describes the home as being a perfect spot for newlyweds. The 5,000 sqft contemporary mansion is situated in prime West Hollywood, where you can always catch celebrities hanging out.

Check out more on our designed Curson home and more here:

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