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Meet the Designer

Through her firm, Sophea Interior Designs, Dorothy Alon has established herself among developers, contractors, and other thought leaders in real estate. Building up her reputation as someone whose intuition and insight comes through in every project that she undertakes. She emphasizes communication as one of her primary tools; treating architects, developers, and even homeowners less as clients and more as collaborators. Because of this approach, she is exceptional at working within budgetary constraints and sticking to a timeline. Quickly, Sophea Interior Designs has set a standard for output, working on an impressive volume of new construction and spec homes every year – all while coming up with world-class ideas and executing them expertly.


Dorothy's progression to this point in her career has been a smooth one if not a direct one. She grew up in Israel, where there were artists all around her. Her family, many of them working creatives, nudged her toward a rich understanding of beauty and aesthetics. In her early adult years, working in hospitality, she grew to adore the look and feel of many boutique hotels she visited. She saw that there was a deep relaxation in those hotels, and decided to bring that feeling into her own designs. In a sense, the homes that she designs are like vacation homes, even when residents occupy them year-round. They are warm and inviting, welcoming in a way that many people's homes are not. That is a standard to which Dorothy has held herself, focusing on the effect that her designs make on people's emotions.


An entrepreneur from a young age, Alon never served as an intern, instead honing all of her technical and creative skills on her own. The more that she worked, the more her knowledge expanded, every design that she did was an opportunity to explore her vocation and to encounter new problems. She became adept at navigating more and more challenging environments. In her own words, "I think the secret to becoming really good is the number of projects and people you engage with. I'm like a sponge: I ask tons of questions all the time and brainstorm with the different professionals on the construction team on how to do things better."


Her working style, sometimes described as direct and even blunt, makes efficient working relationships easier and more accessible. When she sees something that someone could improve or a mistake that someone has made in matching or design, she says so. Her demeanor is such that she does not sugarcoat her ideas. In that way, she has struck a tone of authority in the worlds of art, architecture, fashion, and design. She puts it, "Through the years I have received appreciation for my opinions and my straightforward attitude." The results have been undeniable: office spaces that help retain clients, spaces transformed for new uses, and homes that people can love.


Dorothy's path has led her to modeling and to traveling as well. She has visited many different countries, immersing herself in the local culture wherever she goes. 


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