Meet the designer

For Dorothy Alon, interior design was a natural progression in a career fueled by an instinctive understanding and passion for style, art, fashion and architecture. Growing up in Israel and from a family of artists she was surrounded by artistic influences from a very young age which developed into a finely tuned sense of beauty and aesthetics.


Dorothy spent a few years in the world of modeling but knew all along her true passion was for fashion and design. Soon changing paths and becoming a respected business woman and regardless of what she was employed to do, she found herself inexorably being drawn to and engaged in transforming, redesigning her work environments. Having traveled the world extensively, she has developed a multi- faceted love of all cultures that is clearly reflected in her variety of design. Her highly respected image consultancy business was where she first developed an interest in matching style with personality, personal taste and her clients’ particular needs. Having worked in improving and bettering people’s images, self-esteem and life style in general, she was soon asked to take her expertise and flair further into the homes and offices of those wanting their surrounds to reflect their desire for beautiful, pleasant, and cohesively spaces which reflect their personality as much as their new wardrobes did.

“Through the years I have received appreciation for my opinions and my straight forward attitude. I see every situation as an opportunity for improvement. It is not enough to simply wear clothes that suit and flatter – to be perfectly professional or completely at home, each person must resonate and be one within their own space.”

She has recreated office spaces that generated more client retention and referral, remodeled kitchen, bath, bedroom, baby nursery, dining and entertainment areas, personal work spaces, homes, and apartments.

“Personal image consultancy and interior design come from a similar way of processing information, it’s the same fashion of thinking, How do I take a space and make it fabulous? How do I make one feel comfortable and at ease in his own little world called home? How do I make a work space comfortable, impressive, inspiring and efficient?”

With a Bachelor degree in Business and Certificate of Interior Architecture at UCLA, she is able to create a realistic vision, plan within a budget, maximize any space and communicate the language of design to her clients. One of her passions in design is to create a stream line of desire and education between all the client’s needs, guiding them to integrate their imagined outcome with the appropriate and successful mixing of styles and materials ensuring a design that impresses and resonates with the client’s desired vision.


“Many people approach renovations with concerns and are overwhelmed by choice before they have even begun. My goal is to ease the stress, communicate with and advocate for the client, ensure everything runs smoothly and most importantly of all to create designs and fixtures that will increase their opportunity for investment return in years to come.”

17337 Ventura Blvd. #226 Encino, CA